What is Somewhere Nowhere?

Creative ways of seeing and making connections in the natural world.

Somewhere-nowhere uses the power of curiosity and pause to engage with all the elements that give a sense of place, and let stories gradually reveal themselves. Sometimes these are stories of joy and celebration, sometimes they shed light on heritage. They may provoke further investigation or action, or touch on issues of struggle or loss in a local-global system where everything is connected, and balance can be elusive.

Our world is full of remote and hidden places and a great deal goes unnoticed – until we get out and take a closer look. Gradually, what was previously ‘nowhere’ becomes a ‘somewhere’. And when we know a place, then we are far more likely to care for it and protect it.

Somewhere-nowhere has five guiding principles: journey – pause – reflect – respond - connect. Through photography and writing, with installations in rural spaces, we deliver creative projects that tap into and tell the stories of the natural environment and the people connected with it. We blend documentary with creativity and aim to inspire others to engage in debate and to go and find out more for themselves. 

We’re based in Cumbria but not limited by geography. Our curiosity, and other people’s questions, can take us anywhere.

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Journey Pause Reflect Respond Connect


We work independently and in collaboration with other organisations whose outlook chimes with our own. We find out more about places that are remarkable for their beauty and location on the edge of the mainstream, and the people we meet who have lives invested in those places. Then we share what we find – through exhibitions, publications, public events and work in schools and community settings, involving others as we go along. Our projects help to shine a light on stories and places that are often overlooked, and engage with debates about the challenge of sustaining sensitive or special environments and cultures.


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