About us

becoming immersed in the outdoors

Stopping to wonder is not something that need disappear with childhood. Our driving force is rooted in curiosity and slowing down to look, listen and feel what’s around us. We often stop to wonder.

Rooted in the natural world, somewhere-nowhere celebrates the value of walking journeys and slow time outdoors, and has grown from a collaborative practice of photography and writing. Somewhere-nowhere uses exploration, discovery and creativity to build connections between people and nature. Our aims are:

  • to highlight the beauty of nature and the benefits of being in natural environments,
  • to spend time in natural environments and inspire others to do so,
  • to engage in debate about sustaining sensitive environments and cultures,
  • to encourage participation in actively caring for this planet.

As well as promoting the feel-good factor of being outdoors, we share stories and viewpoints about places that feed into debates about cooperative land use and sustainability. We know we can’t fix the big problems, but we do think that slowing down and learning more about a place, and the complex web of life connected with it, is a good place to start. Sir David Attenborough’s words pretty much sum up our motivation:

No one will protect what they don’t care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced.

We are driven to explore land through walking and camping in wild places and to immerse ourselves in places off the beaten track. We don’t do this in isolation. Spending time with people whose lives are intimately connected to particular areas of land is integral to our own understanding and appreciation of place.

Our work is pretty varied. Sometimes we’re wandering around hills and valleys to gather material for poetry, maybe looking at life under the shallow water of a tarn – at other times we’re joining discussions about complex policy on common land, grazing rights and biodiversity, presenting at conferences, or kneeling in the dirt with a group of school children.

Where is the balance? It’s a word that keeps cropping up in our work and our conversations with others: the challenge of keeping, or creating, balance where one life or livelihood is not compromised in favour of another. Somewhere-nowhere considers this enigma and encourages others to get involved in the discussion. 

We express what we find through photography, prose writing, poetry, video and temporary installations. On larger projects we work with local and national organisations. This allows us to bring together strong teams of experts and delve into discussions with people whose views are not always in harmony. We highlight what everyone has in common before looking into areas of disagreement: creative celebration of shared values can help towards joined-up thinking and collaboration when it comes to caring for our environment and the natural lives and human cultures it supports.

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