Scroll through to find out what we're up to, and what we've been doing. These listings cover events, walks, presentations and publications and we'll do our best to keep up to date. For daily happenings, follow our latest social media posts (right). 

July 25

Public Walk to the Little Asby Hawthorn

Join us as we walk to the Little Asby Hawthorn and over the dramatic Little Asby Common. 

July 21

Presentation, Lancaster University

Sharing a bit about what we do, how we're working with students, and what options lie ahead at High Wire at Lancaster University. When a department has an 'Imagination Laboratory' you know it'll be fun ...

June 18

The Light Walk

Seven days and seven nights over midsummer with the seven trees of The Long View - 118km: here we go!

June 11

Public Walk to the Under Helm Sycamore

Up and over Helm Crag and to the Under Helm Sycamore - a day of walking, poetry, and discussions. Join us!

May 16

The Long View Exhibition: Lakeside Arts, Nottingham

Delighted to be showing some early-stage work from The Long View at Lakeside Arts, Nottingham, through May and June. 

May 9

The Long View installation in Wasdale

The first of our seven installations for The Long View: Everything is Connected (aka 'The Yellow Line') is in place in Wasdale and, quite unexpectedly, has caused a bit of a debate ... 

May 6

Conwy: The Environmental Internet of Things

Our last research visit to Conwy as part of the pioneering Environmental Internet of Things project with Lancaster and Bangor Universities and the Centre for Hydrology and Ecology. More here: Water Finds its Way


April 28

iPorter Film at Cambridge University

Rob takes his i-Porter film to Cambridge!

April 24

Working with Oxford University Postgraduate Students

Guided walk and presentation with Oxford University Postgraduate Students of Environmental Management, at the Blencathra Centre, and a guided walk in the Borrowdale Valley to the Langstrath Birch

April 21

Presentation, FSCouncil Blencathra Centre

Presentation to Manchester’s Xaverian College Students at the Field Studies Council Blencathra Centre, with guided walk to the Little Asby Hawthorn.

April 1

Landscape Leaders Training day

We'll be joining farmers Sam and Candida Hodgson at Glencoyne Farm, Ullswater, helping out with a training day, facilitated by Friends of the Lake District

March 25

Public Walk to the Little Asby Hawthorn

Join us to walk from Great Asby, over magnificent limestone pavements, to meet the Little Asby Hawthorn

March 18

Tree planting and restoration, Duddon Valley

Joining volunteers and arboreal experts from the Forestry Commission and John Muir Trust caring for woodlands in the Duddon Valley. 

March 17

i-Porter: Rob’s film on show at The Box, Kendal

In 2014 Rob worked as a porter on the trail to Everest Base Camp, photographing and interviewing other porters along the way. His film i-Porter premiers at The Box, Kendal.

March 7

Canopy: Joined up thinking about trees

Delighted to be taking part in a weekend dedicated to creative brainstorming about ways to celebrate trees and get people involved in the development of the new Charter for Trees, Woods and People, with the Woodland Trust. We'll be presenting some of our work to date from The Long View

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