Our Friends & supporters

Nothing ever happens in isolation. Our work always involves connections with others and we love having a wide network of organisations and individuals who inspire and support us. We feel enormously fortunate to have the pleasure of sitting, walking and working alongise people who enjoy discussing the kind of issues we’re interested in, and can also challenge our thinking, help us develop ideas and keep moving forward.

Our work is driven by passion and commitment but cannot take place without financial support. Outside commissioned work, our self-designed projects are funded by organisations and businesses, some of whom have supported more than one project. The funding relationship never, however, stops with money: collaboration in planning and delivery is frequently part of this. We have also been funded on specific projects by Arts Council England and Great Place Lakes and Dales.

We also have a great deal of suport 'in kind'. This ranges from provision of kit to keep us warm and happy out of doors, to exhibition space, to ideas sharing. We have gathered a lovely team of seven 'Everywhere Associates' who bring special skills and qualities, and we get together for brainstorms, walks and weekends to take us out of the normal course of life and allow new ideas to surface and take shape. 

The links below will take you to the websites of some of the people and organisations who support and enrich the work of somewhere-nowhere.

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