Our Work

Somewhere-nowhere is based in Cumbria and, because we love this part of the world, we do a lot of work here. But this 'local' place does not exist in isolation, and many issues present here are found elsewhere. Our work has taken us across the UK, and to other areas of the world.

We’re often outside, frequently a long way from a road or building, but not always – we spend time in schools, at conferences, with people whose work brings them into close and repeated contact with the land, and organisations who are involved in environmental management and care. 

Over the past ten years our work has involved us in documentary projects, in education, as consultants in research work aimed at influencing policy, in community engagement, and in environmental activism; always bringing art and artful ways into the space.  


For the most part we work on projects extended over a period of time, in association with others. You can find out more about these on the project page. We also publish articles in magazines and journals, and give talks and presentations across the UK.

Our work has been exhibited in locations including Grizedale Forest, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, ONCA, Great North Museum, Royal Geographical Society, Royal College of Art, and Wordsworth Museum. We also exhibit in smaller places - cafes, auction marts, visitor centres - as well as outdoors, as we instal and share work beyond the confines of galleries.

Our work has been shared in magazines and journals including: 
Adventure Travel, Alpinist Magazine, Broadleaf, Countryfile, Cumbria Magazine, Dark Mountain, Earthlines, Ethnography Journal, Geographical Magazine, The Goose, Outdoor Photographer, Performing Mountains Journal, Radio 4 and Radio 5, Radio Cumbria, Sidetracked Magazine, The Telegraph Magazine.

We've been reviewed/interviewed for publications including Corridor8, the Guardian and Mistake House.

Harriet's poetry has been published in anthologies including This Place We Know, Write to Be Counted and Tree Lines and she has been shortlisted for the Bridport Poetry Prize (2018). Her poetry has been commissioned for public sculptures, as landscape installations, and as narrative for film.

 For a fuller overview of our work, view our CV here.





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