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Posted on June 30, 2021

Putting Culture & Creativity on the Map!

So excited to announce the launch of a new project that will be getting people walking and celebrating culture and creativity across Cumbria this summer. We dreamt up the idea last year during lockdown and have been really fortunate in gaining funding from Arts Council England to make this a reality.

Artful Ways is all about showcasing a vibrant, active and diverse creative culture in Cumbria and bringing people together through walking.

It’s a simple idea. The project invites people around Cumbria to take part and put creativity & culture on the map. Together we will be creating a new map of Cumbria showing walking routes between artistic and cultural places, and connections between the wonderful creative people around the county. There will also be an exhibition of artworks with reflections on creativity, culture and place coming from people who’ve taken part. The exhibition launches this autumn at Tullie House and tours Cumbria in 2022.


One of the many exciting things about this project is the wonderful team that is making it happen, including Cumbria Arts and Culture Network, Great Place Lakes and Dales, Cumbria Museums Consortium, Multicultural Cumbria; the venues that will be hosting the exhibition in 2022 (the Studio Morland, Florence Arts Centre and the Brewery Arts Centre); and the 'gatekeepers' who are spreading the word and running events in their local areas.  And we've been able to pay for 5 commissioned artists to take part and exhibit their work. 

There's more on the project, how to take part by walking, tracking your route, the events that you can join over the summer, and submitting artwork for exhibition, on the website here. All the walks and the artworks will be inspired by people's journeys, the landscape (rural or urban) and three questions about Creativity, Connectivity and place. Head over to the website if you'd like to find out more. 

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