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Sense of Here - Q&A follow up

Sense of Here exhibition Live Q&A - following up on the unanswered questions.

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A New Moss Hut - Reimagining Wordsworth

Creating a Moss Hut - part of the 2020 Reimagining Wordsworth programme.

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Making Sense of Here, 2020 Update

Sense of Here: A year of walking, research and art in 2019 is feeding forward into our public programme in 2020.

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Sense of Here - beginning a new project

A quick post to announce the beginning of a new project - walks, camps, art in the landscape and an evolving digital map ...

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How Big Is Here?

Where are the edges and just how big does 'here' feel? Thoughts about this bubbled up during our 7-day midsummer walk ...

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Treading the spaces in between

Seven days and nights feeling and reading the land- walking the spaces between the treefold poem in Cumbria.

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Folding in the land: a 7-day walk between treefolds

Time to feel the elements and let the land inspire art and poetry: a 7-day midsummer walk in the Lake District, linking the three treefolds, camping as we go & finishing with a public talk at the Blencathra Centre on June 23rd.

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Walking In

This poem from The Long View has become a favourite, a poem about walking, and feeling in, and out, of place.

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... slowed down and marinated until the textures of bigger things are revealed

The Long View exhibition is currently on show at Great North Museum : Hancock. Instead of giving our own thoughts on it, we'd like to share one review that sums up the project and the work on show.

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The Lake District: A World Heritage Site

The Lake District National Park received inscription as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on July 9th. We think it's great news - but it doesn't mean this area needs to be frozen in time. Rather this accolade is a stimulus for partnership working towards a National Park where the environment improves alongside traditional farming practices and thriving communities ...

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Taking the Long View

We have spent two years with seven remarkably ordinary trees so it feels wonderful to share them through The Long View book and the exhibition at Grizedale Forest in Cumbria.

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One simple line

Isn't it great when art causes debate ? Here's our reflection on how a single line of cloth got people talking about the impact of humans on the environment ...

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Putting a little bit back

We hadn't guessed that it might feel good to cut down trees ... but recently discovered why it can be very beneficial in Hardknott Forest in Cumbria's Duddon Valley.

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5, 5 & 5 on the 555

A journey on the 555 bus to the road block between Grasmere and Thirlmere, and back again, via five pubs ... an unusual kind of a journey.

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Three dawns in one day

The five of us began our walk in the thickness of night. The sky was the darkest of blues - perhaps the colour of ocean depths.

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Storm Desmond leaves its watery mark in Cumbria

The floods caused by the rain that fell with Storm Desmond have left their mark in Cumbria. We spent hours bailing, fighting against a sense of futility, as if trying to empty out an ocean with a thimble. For a time we felt like machines, bending, scooping, bailing, lifting buckets, filling, emptying, filling, emptying; at times our own rage rose, although hurling that at the fury of the storm was utterly useless.

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" The ashtree growing in the corner of the garden was felled. It was lopped first. I heard the sound and looking out and seeing it maimed there came at that moment a great pang and I wished to die and not to see the inscapes of the world destroyed any more."
Gerard Manley Hopkins

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