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A Question of Values

How can we bring Data of the Heart into the equations of cost, value and connection? A poem written for the UK Network of Environmental Economists, March 2020.

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Walking In

This poem from The Long View has become a favourite, a poem about walking, and feeling in, and out, of place.

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Seasons change

The rain is lashing down on what anyone, in a cynical frame of mind, might call a ‘typical’ October day in Cumbria. But in truth, most of October has been sunny and warm, and we were treated to a string of bright days in September that did, in some way, make up for the wet summer months.

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Words coming and going

Showing sheep in the Lake District can be a competitive business – never so competitive that it overrules friendships, but the reputation of a farmer and his flock is boosted by success. Quality matters. Writing a poem to adorn the champion rosettes was not something to be taken lightly.

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Exploring and discovering

To just one tree
Lollipop shaped, he says
Though it's not
This one tree, only, that endures for me.

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