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Posted on June 28, 2017

Love trees? Love Cumbria? We do - which is why we sought out seven individual, remarkably ordinary trees for The Long View. Over the past two years we have been getting to know these trees in all weathers, through all seasons, day and night. We've walked to them many times alone, and in the company of land managers, ecologists, tree specialists and others who love being outside. If you're wondering why the blog here has been sparse it's largely because the blog at thelongview.today has been busy!


And now we're delighted to announce the launch of The Long View exhibition at Grizedale Forest in the beautiful gallery, surrounded by trees and steeped in a history of land art. Saturday's launch brought together a lovely gathering of people who have been involved over the last couple of years, and it is a real joy to celebrate the project as it has evolved so far. We have used the trees as a focus for a celebration of the natural landscape, and a starting point for conversations about the way we relate to and care for the environment around us. The images, writing, installations and video in the space are all an invitation to step into 'tree-time' and discover what draws you in.


Alongside the exhibition we have launched The Long View book - 184 full colour pages of photographs and writing complied over the past two years: essays on the trees and their locations, with natural and cultural history; interviews with people whose passion is trees, with farmers, biologists, ecologists, land managers, arboreal experts, woodworkers and artists featured; poetry; journal entries from the Light Walk and the Dark Walks; reflections on art installations; and discussions about trees and environmental balance. Take a peek inside:




If you'd like to order a book, just head over to our shop.

Thank you! More news coming soon including more on trees, and Voices From the Land, a project about farming and landscape in Yorkshire.


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