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Posted on January 30, 2011

whitbarrow sycamore in goes the dark slide

This post was published in 2011. Between then and now (March 2013) we've been uploading blog posts to somewhere-nowhere.com,so for more please follow this link ... 

Here's Rob taking the first five-by-fours of the first tree of the seven trees - part of our project 'Seeing Seven Trees. We'll be journeying to seven trees, once in each season, over the coming year. Each tree isolated, a seed dropped into harsh surroundings, and now growing strong.

To just one tree
Lollipop shaped, he says
Though it's not
This one tree, only, that endures for me.

No, this journey through limestone crags
And muting snow,
Past yews and Ash, bent alder and dainty birch,
Through chat of things domestic,
Chit of finch, and flight of the fieldfare,
Beneath a sky slate grey, then white,
Then featherdown snowy.

This journey, footsteps in snow,
Tentative over clint and grike,
Playful in powder over ferns.

It is this journey, first of a series
That endures
For me.

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