Walking In

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Posted on May 4, 2018

Poetry is playing an increasingly central role in my (Harriet's) work, most recently through The Long View. The exhibition features a number of poems I wrote while walking, or while sitting with the trees; the book features many more. I'm always delighted to hear from people when they're moved by what they read, or tell me they enjoy the poems, and there's one that seems to be a firm favourite. It often features as an opening to guided walks (aka strolls) and reading it aloud, outside, feels just right.

I wrote this in August 2016, while walking to the Wasdale Oak, as I gradually relaxed and let go of the commitments that had kept me in the house for several days.


Walking In

it takes a while to walk in 
to walk in to a valley
to walk in to the feeling 
of being at ease with yourself, with the land
and while walking in, there is a walking out:
out of concerns and out of body strain 
with a loosening of spine, legs, shoulders, head
 a slow unravelling into openness
that brings, with time 
the sense of walking in
walking in to place



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