Launching the PLACE Collective

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Posted on April 26, 2021

Major excitement for this spring has been the launch of the PLACE Collective - something we’ve been planning for quite some time. And we’d like to share our excitement with you.

With huge support from the team at the Centre for National Parks and Protected Areas, which is based at the Ambleside campus of Cumbria University, we’ve set the seeds for something to grow.


PLACE : People, Land, Art, Culture & Ecology

We’ve no doubt that creative practice and art have the power to move, engage and inspire, and to ask difficult and important questions; and that artists have a vital role to play in research and conversations involving a range of disciplines and interests. 

The PLACE Collective is creating a community of people who are engaged with issues of nature, environment and rural landscapes, and are passionate about working collaboratively with others. We know that creative practice is crucial on a shared journey towards a positive and resilient future for humans and for other species, and for the natural environment we all inhabit. 

We’ll be bringing artists together for inspired conversations with one another, and we’ll be promoting knowledge-sharing across many disciplines and creating links between artists, rural communities, academics and organisations charged with caring for landscapes. The focus begins in areas designated as special, including National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the location of the PLACE Collective within the UK Centre for National Parks and Protected Areas offers a perfect research environment. But the focus is not limited to these areas. A designation or a label is only that: PLACE artists will be working both inside and outside designated areas, and they bring a wide range of geographical, artistic and philosophical interests. 

Take a stroll around the website if you’re curious to find out more. We’ll be sending updates about the emergent programme of events through our newsletter.

In the meantime, we’re still out and about as much as we can be, seeking the moon on this year’s series of monthly MoonWalks. We’re also quietly tracking our local curlews and learning more from a growing network of watchers this year - both in our local area, and nationally. We’re delighted to be Curlew Ambassadors for Curlew Action, a passionate UK-wide team of people speaking up for curlews, and raising awareness of the much wider story these birds are part of.

We will share images and reflections from these and other noodlings in forthcoming blogs.



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