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How we view and use and relate to our land is an immediate imperative for us to consider. If I were Capt Kirk arriving on this earth like planet I think I would be struck by the incredible and destructive divisions in belief systems among its inhabitants, by the wanton self-destruction, by the imperative to dominate and find technical solutions to the implicit wars between cultures, by the petty nature of personal opinion and economic warfare, while at the same time thinking that this planet looks like an incredible oasis in the universe. The inhabitants seem to not see what they live on and share and how valuable that planet is – even to the inhabitants and their own futures. In a small place I might find something that shows that there is consideration of this, a small temporary mark in a landscape, something that some inhabitants have made to draw attention to the land, to say stop and think, stop travelling through it and admiring it through car windows, to stop just viewing it as a tourism asset or as something to be just preserved in aspic. I would see this temporary mark as significant evidence that some inhabitants have intelligence and love for their planet, and I would seek out those who made it as people to talk to.

Adrian Lochead, Eden Arts

Really beautiful - the project, the writing, the relating, thank you!


Land Keepers has been an extraordinary project – the quality of the output is outstanding. Harriet and Rob took an inclusive approach – not seeking to set farmer against conservationist but rather to respect the views and interests of both. My work revolves around being a bridge between those who manage land as family businesses and for stewardship and the protectors of public goods such as water, carbon and biodiversity. Land Keepers has been an immensely important process in strengthening that bridge and allowing dialogue across it.

Julia Aglionby PhD Executive Director Foundation for Common Land; Board Member, Natural England

Thank you for sharing these details – it brings the hills to life and identifies how much more than a view it is!
Wonderful day in a wonderful place…healing and inspiring
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