Poetry in the land
The land in poetry

Immersed in nature, away from the linear measuring of time

Landscript is about being in place – not wandering or walking, or coming and going, but being still, in one place, and watching that place with keen senses. In a meadow, beside a river, atop a fell, on the coast, among the trees – each place a world of its own. At intervals over the coming years, our slow time in each of these places will allow us to explore, connect, and respond, and share what we find with others, both on site, and on line.

In the summer of 2015, with support from Friends of the Lake District and Nurture Lakeland, Harriet became Poet in Residence in the wildflower meadows of High Borrowdale, north of Kendal, in Cumbria's Lake District National Park. She spent a lot of very slow time in the valley, in sunshine, in rain, in mist, day and night, and welcomed adult groups and school children for creative days among the flowers.

The collection of poems inspired by slow time in the meadow is called, quite simply, 'Meadow', printed and hand-finished in a limited edition of 160 books. Unfortunately the books are now sold out, but there are some poems from the collection on our Poetry pages.

We will walk
in the shadow of trees,
step where blackbirds have been
not knowing their route,
pass clouds’ echoes
add our footstep rhythms to the river song
We will pause,
soundscape merging with what we see
pulse of the land river sky
it seeps in
if you let it

You can find out more abou Harriet's time in the meadow on the Landscript website. Future projects to extend the landscript theme to different 'elements' are being planned, but the timing is, at the moment, uncertain. 

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