Sometimes a poem feels most alive when it is performed out of doors, in the landscape that inspired it. We love doing this as part of the guided walks we run from time to time. Another way to bring landscape and words together is through a film. Here’s a selection. You can see more of these on the somewhere nowhere Vimeo pages.

A Question of Values

Created to reproduce a poem written for, and performed at, the UK Network of Environmental Economists’ annual conference, 2020. Filmed by Rob in Force Knott Woods, and using archive film footage. Here’s a link to the film and blog, which gives a broader context.


Everything is Connected

In May 2016 we created the first of seven installations linked with The Long View. This film shares the poem written for the first installation, and reflects on the reaction the piece received. You can read the blog reflecting on the piece and the reaction it received here.


In Our Hands

In 2019 Harriet was asked to write a poem as a marker of the 85th anniversary of Friends of the Lake District, a Cumbrian charity dedicating to protecting and enhancing landscapes across the county. The poem was performed by people in stunning locations across Cumbria and filmed by Terry Abraham. If you’d like to read the poem follow this link.



In 2017 we were one of eight UK artists commissioned by Common Ground to mark the UK Tree Charter. Our response was to create three treefolds: circular dry stone wall structures that carried a poem across the land, and each encircled new trees. This film, put together using time-lapse photography revealing the making of the three treefolds, each one taking seven days, was shown at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in 2018. You can read more about the treefolds here.



Starlings are on the UK ‘red’ list, meaning that the population is in severe decline (with breeding populations down at least 50% over the last 25 years). That figure’s hard to believe when you see them in flocks of tens of thousands, taking over the sky. There are areas of Cumbria, however, where they do gather in their thousands every winter, and we’re fortunate to live close enough to witness them. Here’s a short clip - a mesmerising murmuration on the edge of the Westmorland Dales in 2019.



When it comes to poetry, birds can do it all by themselves. An audio clip featuring skylarks in late April, 2020.


Archive of Lost Woods (part 3)

In September 2019 we created a series of installations in Glyn Davies Wood, one of the many ancient woodlands due to be badly affected by HS2. For one weekend we dwelt here, and curated walks with poetry through the wood. This short film of Harriet reading 'The Roll Call of Lost Woods' was shot by Adam Cormack, from the Woodland Trust. 


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