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somewhere-nowhere projects highlight remarkable environmental spaces and the human stories that are linked with them. Some of our projects take place over an extended period of time so that we can explore a place, journey to it repeatedly, and get to know it and the people connected with it in different weathers, seasons and moods.

We bring together writing, photography and video, and some of our work involves interventions in the land in the form of visual art, kinetic poetry, or random acts of beauty. Each project feeds into new websites, articles and exhibitions.

Typically, a spark of curiosity or a pressing question draws us to develop an idea and seek out people whose knowledge and passion can deepen our own understanding and appreciation of a place. We work slowly and attentively to develop programmes that allow us to immerse ourselves in a specific location and engage others in the project.

Each box below will take you to a different project or an area of focus. Have a browse ... 

Sense of Here

An artful approach - revealing the feeling and knowing of place

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Moss Hut

Inside, outside: inspired by nature

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Archive of Lost Woods

Protest art against the destruction of ancient woodlands.

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Art in the landscape, through temporary and permanent poetic installations.

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The Shape of Data

Data of the Heart - Visualisations

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Our Common Cause

England's Upland Commons - views for the future

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Three poetry-inscribed treefolds in Cumbria: sit and pause with a tree for many decades to come.

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The Long View

Meetings with seven lone trees in extraordinary locations

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Voices From the Land

Farming and landscape in the Yorkshire Dales: a collection from 2016-2017.

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Youth Summit 2020 - 'Our view from here'
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Creative Opportunities

Residencies and collaborations

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Water finds its way

Getting creative with the Internet of Things in the Wild

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Future wood

Our watching shifts from curiosity to wonder to tenderness to hope to joy

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i-Porter: Working as a porter on the Everest Basecamp trail in Nepal.

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In Conversation

… with people who inspire us

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Immersion in five environments: meadow, summit, river, coast, woodland

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Among the Lake District’s shepherds: the cultural heart of England’s largest national park

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The Small Things

Get closer, and still closer. The more you look the more you see.

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